Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a simple and effective way for you to regularly donate to the Lighthouse Foundation through automated payroll deductions.


By joining your workplace giving program and pledging to make a regular pre-tax donation from your pay, you are helping us to provide a safe home and community for homeless kids to belong, heal and thrive.


By simply nominating any dollar amount, donations will be made directly from your pre-tax income to Lighthouse each pay.


It doesn’t take much to make a difference and Workplace Giving is such an easy and convenient way to donate a small amount on a regular basis.


How does Workplace Giving help Lighthouse?

Lighthouse Foundation provides homes and therapeutic care programs to children and young people impacted by long-term neglect, abuse and homelessness.

Your pre-tax donation helps us to #BREAKTHEPATTERN of youth homelessness in Australia.


Your monthly donations make a difference...

How do I get started?

Simply complete the form below and enter your company name, payroll contact and the amount that you'd like to contribute from your pay pre-tax in the 'message' box.  

That’s it! You’re all set! Lighthouse will organise the rest! You will receive an email to let you know what will happen next and confirmation that your WPG is set up and ready to go from your next pay. Should your workplace not offer WPG, we will contact you with the alternative option of regular giving.


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