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Teenagers & Young People Program

Lighthouse's Teenagers and Young People Program is for adolescents who are homeless or coming out of the out-of-home care system.  The program accommodates up to 4 young people with live with therapeutic carers in homes spread across the suburbs of Melbourne.



More than just a roof over their heads

This program is focused on more than just providing housing. When young people move into the home they engage in a treatment program supported by a care team of experienced carers and psychologists who dedicate significant thought and planning to the young person’s recovery and re-establishment into the community. The focus with the young person is establishing reliable and predictable routines through healthy meals, exercise, school and work, and a strong engagement in long term therapy delivered through a Lighthouse psychologist. 


The home provides a therapeutic environment through practices such as family meetings, supported conversations, connection with other Lighthouse homes, and important healthy attachments with carers and other young people living in the home. The purpose of the adolescent program is to give the young people with a history of trauma the opportunity to start their process of healing and equip them with the future skills needed to transition into adulthood.


Finally, the uniqueness of this program is that it does not end when the young person leaves the home, the On-for-Life program ensures when the young person transitions into independent living they still stay connected to Lighthouse.