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Prue's Story

Our family is just an ordinary, crazy busy one, so I never imagined we’d have what it takes to become a foster family. My husband is a paramedic who works in shifts and I do part-time work for an insurance broker. Our daughter Lucy is 8, and loves animals, school, soccer, ballet and tap. We got talking to Emma from Lighthouse Foundation at a school event, and she explained they were looking for a family like ours to take in a 5 year old boy who had been shifted many times between foster homes. She told us that he was now very untrusting of adults, and that he was becoming more traumatised each time he was shifted. We talked about it later that night at home, and decided that it was OK for me to phone Lighthouse and get more information.


We completed the paperwork and began a process involving interviews and background checks. Everything went well, and soon we were able to meet little David, who was ready to start school in the months ahead. It was important to get him settled so that he could have a secure home base for his all-important first year in Prep. He was from the very start a burst of high energy and action into our home. Lucy was a bit wary of how he would want her attention all the time and always want to play. He is a total sweetie though, and loved the routines of bedtime with a bath and story-time. After about a month, we knew that this was going to be ongoing, and that David was one of us. We were now a family of 4, and he and Lucy are great together.


We would never have taken the plunge and got involved if we hadn’t had the extra support from Lighthouse. We knew from the start that we could get advice straight away and that there would be respite breaks when David could stay back at the Lighthouse Hub Home with people he knew, and that would give us a breather. There are also other foster families in the Lighthouse circle that we can chat with, and we can get together socially while the kids all play. Lighthouse foster care is great support and we always have help at hand if we aren’t sure how to handle something.


It has been a year now since David joined our family. He is doing well as he finishes up the Prep year. He is a happy little boy, and he has us now. And we are so lucky to have him.