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Each of our Lighthouse homes is supported by a committee of local community members. The Community Committees are made up of volunteers with diverse backgrounds, experiences and strengths. Community Committees are a crucial part of our specialist Model of Care.

Each committee member provides a circle of support for their Lighthouse home, surrounding the young people within it with mentoring, work experience, financial support and other practical help in their journey into sustainable independent living.

Responsibilities and commitment

Each Community Committee supports a specific Lighthouse home, its young people and its carers, by:

• Fundraising – each committee organises approximately four fundraising ventures each year including; dinners, trivia nights, movie nights, golf days, football clinics and BBQs raising funds to support their home’s ongoing operating costs

• Organising – committees organise annual working bees for spring cleaning, garden work and other maintenance of their home

• Relationship building – committee members provide links and networks for the young people and carers within the local community

• Supporting – committee members support the operation of the home and act as an ‘extended family’ for the young people

• Meetings – are generally held monthly, on weekdays, outside of business hours

• Screening – all committee volunteers must complete police and Working with Children checks

• Training – for new committee members some training will be provided

Interested in joining your local committee?

To register your interest to volunteer on any of our Lighthouse committees complete the form below or contact 03 9093 7500: