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Lighthouse Foundation is about so much more than providing just a roof for homeless young people. It’s about providing a home in every sense of the word. 

Lighthouse homes are typical family homes, indistinguishable from their neighbours in suburbs across Melbourne. Each home accommodates up to four young people and two live-in carers.

The difference between Lighthouse homes and other residential services can be felt from the moment you enter the home. Furnishings are typical of any family home and are carefully selected to ensure a warm, inviting feel.

Photo frames adorn the walls, fridges are filled with certificates and appointment reminders and computers and televisions are kept in communal locations. Dinners are served on the table, encouraging young people to have conversations during meal time and weekly family meetings are held.

Donations of furniture, homewares and clothing are accepted by the Foundation on the condition that they are brand new only. This demonstrates to the young people that they are worthy of new possessions, respected and valued.

Celebrating milestones

For many of our Lighthouse young people typical milestones in their life have been missed. Giving a simple birthday cake, card or present may actually be the first time that they have received something with their name on it. Labelling school supplies, celebrating

achievements or coming together during the festive season are all important practices in a Lighthouse home.

Our Therapeutic Family Model of CareTM

Within the home a specialist approach is taken to caring for the young people. Developed over decades, the Lighthouse Therapeutic Family Model of CareTM helps young people to heal, learn again to relate to others and start to rebuild their lives.

Supported by a dedicated team of psychologists and health professionals. Our best-practice model ensures 24-hour, seven day a week physical and emotional support for as long as the young people need.

The home is such an important part of our model of care and is so important in the recovery of our young people, who for many, have never had a safe home environment before.

Join your local community committee

Each Lighthouse home has a community committee surrounding it providing essential support for the carers and young people int he home. To became a volunteer and join your local Lighthouse community committee contact 03 9093 7500 or email office@lighthousefoundation.org.au.