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Who are the Lighthouse young people?

They can be anyone – regardless of their socio-economic, cultural, religious, educational or family background and upbringing.

Young people aged 12 to 18 years are the largest group of people experiencing homelessness in Australia today. Nearly half (45.2 per cent) of all people seeking the support of specialist homelessness services are young people under 18 years of age.

Many young adults who are experiencing homelessness do not have the income or life skills to manage a home of their own.

For over two decades, Lighthouse Foundation has provided – not simply a roof over a head – but a long-term family-style home environment for over 700 young people who have been living on our streets.

At Lighthouse, young people can stay for as long as it takes. And it takes time – sometimes years – for them to recover and be restored – to be healed, to begin to relate to others and communicate effectively, to regulate their emotions, to deal with conflict and manage their stress, respond to challenges to achieve a successful outcome, and make positive life-changing decisions. Ultimately, they become ready to learn new skills and are able to re-integrate and become contributing members of the community.