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  • Beck Family Foundation

    Major Lighthouse Expansion Funding Partners

  • Campbell Edwards Trust

    Major sponsors of the Clayton Lighthouse Home and model development project partners.

  • Future Generations Investment Company (FGX)

  • Gandel Philanthropy

    Major Lighthouse Expansion funding partners

  • Harold Mitchell Foundation

    Major Lighthouse Expansion funding partners

  • John Higgins

    Major Model development project funding that resulted in the Lighthouse Therapeutic Family Model of Care™ manual.

  • Lowy Foundation

    Major Lighthouse expansion funding partners

  • Portland House Foundation

    Portland House Foundation are a major philanthropic funder for Lighthouse Foundation.

  • Property Industry Foundation

    Major funding partners, Heathmont, Boronia and Bonbeach Homes

  • Sidney Myer Fund

    Major Lighthouse Expansion funding partners

  • Skar Foundation

    First major donation to establish the Lighthouse Institute and ongoing funder of the first Lighthouse Institute Research Home

  • Spotlight Foundation

    Second major donation and ongoing funding of Lighthouse Institute

  • Vicki Vidor OAM

    Major funder, Patron and benefactor of Lighthouse Foundation’s Vicki Vidor Home for Mothers and Babies

  • Victor Smorgon Charitable Foundation

    Major supporters and major Lighthouse expansion funding partners