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Lighthouse’s Community Committees are a crucial part of our Model of Care and provide a circle of support for each home from the local community. Each home surrounds the young people within it with mentoring, work experience, financial support and other practical help in moving into sustainable independent living.

Each Community Committee is made up of a group of local community members who have a deep commitment to ensuring that their particular Lighthouse home stays open, and that will ensure that the basic needs of the young people in that home are met.

Each committee has a chairperson who is a trusted and skilled member of the extended Lighthouse family. They organise monthly meetings of their committee planning fundraising events and maintaining personal support for the Carers and young people.

Usually each committee commits to organising at least four fundraising ventures each year, including dinners, trivia nights, movie nights, golf days, football clinics and Bunnings BBQs.

Interested in joining a Community Committee? Please click here to find out more and register your interest.