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On For Life Program

Lighthouse’s Founder, Susan Barton AM, designed our ‘On for Life’ program to provide ongoing support in the years after our young people transition to independent living. She always insisted that this is how a family operates. Susan knew that “the kids still need you when they’ve left home.” This support, which is available in person at the Youth Resource Centre in Cremorne, as well as over the phone, email and in social media, is particularly helpful in times of crisis, when a slide back into homelessness might be a possibility. We believe the unusually high success rate of our young people permanently exiting homelessness is partially attributable to the ongoing ‘aftercare’ support we provide.


Our Youth Resource Centre receives regular donated goods, especially food items from our pro bono suppliers, as well as providing psychological counselling, job seeking assistance, friendship, and a sense of belonging to the young people in our forever community. We celebrate birthdays, graduations and festive occasions together as a community, and reach out to all those who have remained in contact to invite them to events and tell us their news.






This unique aspect of our program is also enhanced by the use of social media. The past young people have their own private social media groups and can be contacted quickly to let them know when something of interest to them is coming up at the Youth Resource Centre.


By offering life membership to our young people, we ensure that the doors of our homes are always open and our services are available, even after a young person moves on from a Lighthouse home.




"When a child or young person enters Lighthouse, the relationship is for life. The philosophy is for life, and the young person enrols in that vision. Even after a young person has physically moved out of a Lighthouse home, they sustain a relationship with the organisation. This usually translates into family dinners, sleep-overs, ongoing therapy with the psychologist, support in needs of crisis and sharing great times of celebration, including bringing their own children into meet the extended family." - Founder, Susan Barton AM