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I’m Just Like You – Jessie’s Poem

Check out this 1-minute video inspired by a poem titled ‘I’m just like you’ which was written by one of our young people, Jessie, about her life before coming to Lighthouse. We hope that her powerful words resonate with you and remind us all that even in times of hardship, we have something to be grateful for.

Whether that’s having a roof over our heads, putting food on the table or being surrounded by friends and family- please know that these were once the dreams of homeless kids like Jessie when she was forced to live on the street.

In order to raise awareness to the issue of youth homelessness, Jessie wanted us to share with you a powerful video of Jessie reading her poem aloud. You can watch it via donate.lighthousefoundation.org.au

This video was kindly filmed and produced in a pro bono capacity by Rose and Rayner from Rosedamon.comWe would love for you to give what you can and help us share it with your friends and family on social media. Because it only takes one caring adult, just like you, to change the lives of children like Jessie forever.

Click here to watch Jessie read her poem aloud


Jessie’s story:

Jessie was only 15 years old when she was forced to live on the streets after being pushed out of a highly dysfunctional home. When she first came to Lighthouse, she struggled with severe depression, anxiety and self-harming behaviour. It took many months for her to finally feel safe, and open up about the history of her trauma with her Carer, Pam.

Slowly over time, she and Pam developed a strong relationship. It was a tight-knit bond that was formed over countless sleepless nights spent together, which almost always led to a cup of tea on the deck, watching the sunrise.

Pam was the first adult that Jessie was ever able to trust. She helped her to regain her sense of self and security. Because no matter how much she pushed back, or how aggressive her outbursts became at night, she was always by her side. Pam also helped Jessie to enrol in a creative writing course which is where she wrote the inspiring poem you’re reading today. It was Pam’s kindness and loving support that helped Jessie to finally find her voice again.


A poem by Jessie- Lighthouse young person

I’m just like you

I have two hands, only no one to hold mine

I’m just like you

I have two feet, only my shoes are broken and too small

I’m just like you

I have a Mum and Dad, only mine couldn’t look after me

I’m just like you

I have a beating heart, only mine hurts all the time

I’m just like you

I sleep at night, only I sleep under the bridge you walk over to go home.

I’m just like you.


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