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Hello from our new CEO

Hello from our new CEO


There’s something special about Lighthouse Foundation. Once you’re introduced to their community and witness their life-changing work with vulnerable young people, you simply can’t look away. You’ll want to do everything you can to support these kids and protect the circle of care around them… and find a way you can help.


That right there might explain how I came to be the CEO of Lighthouse Foundation. I’m Dr. Eamonn McCarthy- a husband, a father of 2 beautiful girls, and I’m here to ensure that Lighthouse can continue to grow. We want to work with the community to end youth homelessness. I know we can do this, together.


I first heard of Lighthouse when I engaged with their clinical team in my previous role as Acting Principal Practitioner of Child Protection in Victoria. As a trained Forensic Psychologist myself- specializing in child trauma and the early adult offending space - I can tell you I’m not easily ‘won over’. But the Lighthouse trauma-informed Model offered something unique.


By intertwining safe housing, community supports, and therapeutic interventions meant a notably high quality of care was being given to many children and youths who can’t live with their families. Positive outcomes were achieved too… positive, life-changing, outcomes. You could say it opened my eyes to the capacity for improved services when private philanthropy can shift the dial and provide flexibility, as it does here at Lighthouse. There were simply more options that could suit different circumstances for individual children and sibling groups in crisis situations.


This is a time when we’re seeing increasing examples of very young children, who are already at the stage in the system where they’re not really going to ‘fit in’ anywhere. I wanted to see more doors open, not close. This is what led me to Lighthouse Foundation.


There is a real chance here, that together, we can get closer to the best outcome for these vulnerable kids in Australia. This is what I would want for myself and my own children if they were in need. But, I believe that our impact needs to be on a broader scale and that we need to move faster to keep pace with the growth of the problem in youth homelessness. We need to do much more and do it faster.


So, let’s do it together - grow, open more doors, and maintain that quality of care I so admire as we go forward. There is a lot that excites me about the future of the Lighthouse Foundation, especially in our 30th anniversary year. But nothing tops watching those kids bravely taking steps forward to better their lives - with our help.


I am a CEO who believes in ‘doing with’, not ‘doing to’….so thoroughly look forward to working alongside you, our community as we embark on this next chapter together. Thank you so much for your ongoing support to Lighthouse Foundation and for believing in our young people, as I do. Here’s to the next 30 years, and ensuring that all children in Australia have access to a safe home and community where they can belong, heal and thrive.