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Foster Care Program


Lighthouse's Foster Care program provides tailored support, therapeutic care, and a sense of community for foster families in Melbourne's North. Our unique ‘Hub’ model works by connecting up to ten families around a central ‘Hub Home’, where psychologists and trained Lighthouse carers offer regular respite, sleepovers, access to clinical therapy and advice to the entire foster family. With strong relationships at its core, the Lighthouse foster hub serves like a Grandma’s or Auntie’s house, facilitating regular social activities for families and local volunteers to connect, reflect and enjoy their new lives together. This helps to create a ‘village’, or extended family of support for each child, allowing them to develop positive, healthy attachments with multiple adults who care about their safety and wellbeing.


Lighthouse believes this strong sense of community will help to improve the overall stability in placements, continuity in care, and give foster families the quality, tangible support they need to thrive. Our program ultimately aims to put an end to ‘revolving door’ out-of-home care experiences and instead, allow new generations of children to create lifelong relationships, a sense of identity, and the knowledge that they belong to a tribe.


Our program offerings


Regular respite support with Lighthouse’s therapeutic carers delivered via monthly overnight stays at the hub and weekly homework clubs. Our team of psychologists and carer are dedicated to supporting foster families in their homes or assisting with challenging behavior or support a child with a drop-off or pick up from kinder or school.


Learning and development opportunities that are tailored to each foster family's needs through access to training, to the carer café, as well as circle of security training which is more specialised in learning about attachment.


Connection to the community, by way of carefully considered local community committees. Supporting each hub, committees help to connect foster children to local sporting or social groups, identify training or employment opportunities for foster children and their carers, or loan their time to build often overlooked life skills like learning to drive. In essence, the community committees are an established network of volunteers attached to the hub home to help foster families thrive.


Regular social events and outings for the fostering community to connect and build peer-to-peer relationships outside of the group psychological sessions. These activities are supported by the hub and include BBQs, coffee groups, quizzes, movie nights and so much more.



We are looking for more foster families in Northern Melbourne. If you or anyone you know would like to enquire about becoming a foster carer with Lighthouse, please CLICK HERE.





Lighthouse Foundation Interview with Foster Carers, Scott & Linda