Community Fundraising

Every year, our amazing supporters hold their own fundraising events to make our life-changing work with kids possible. You can too. You can join our team of supporters by running a 5km race, choosing a marathon, a trek up a mountain, getting muddy or cycling country lanes. You can bake, host a dinner party or throw a BBQ. Whatever you do, your support will be helping to change the lives of some of Australia's most vulnerable children.


Whether you are fundraising as a group at your school or workplace, or simply want to see how you can get involved, we have ideas and resources to support you.


Each year our supporters raise thousands of dollars through fundraising events, which makes a huge difference to the children and young people in our care.




How your donation makes a difference

$30 Can provide a warm, family meal for a Lighthouse home

$170 Can provide bedding and furniture a for a new young person moving in to our care

$600 Can provide counselling and group therapy to help our young people process the trauma of homelessness


Some cool fundraising ideas


Spring clean

Being cooped up can really open your eyes to how much clutter you’ve got indoors. So what better time to clear it out? Books, clothes, games, CDs, old furniture – they’re bound to be treasure to someone else. Finding them a new home can be brilliant way to fundraise. Post images of what you’re looking to sell on Facebook or in an Instagram Story to share with friends and family. You can even get people to bid in the comments for your item to raise even more money. Sell your items on eBay, Depop or Facebook Marketplace and donate the proceeds to Lighthouse.



Wild work from home outfits

Is working from home starting to lose its sheen? Liven things up for yourself and your colleagues but dressing up on your next videocall. Get people to donate to join in, and then dress up in the strangest outfit you can find. Why not add an incentive by letting your housemates or kids dress you in your wackiest outfit if you hit your target - it’s worth the sacrifice and will certainly make those video meetings more interesting.


Donate your commute

The best part about working from home has to be the commute – it’s mere minutes! A really thoughtful way to take advantage of this is to donate that train fare or petrol money. It doesn't just have to be commutes either. You could chip in your haircut or manicure money, too.


It’s my birthday

Birthdays are magical right? Cards, cakes, candles and, of course, presents. But what if you could make your birthday magical for someone else? You can do that by asking your friends for donations instead of gifts. Why not also set up a Facebook Birthday fundraiser, and see if this helps you reach your target?



How do I get started?

We love to know what fundraising events are happening so we can support you every single step of the way. We have lots of handy resources we can provide too, like tees, pens, balloons, flyers and fact sheets and lots more. Reach out to us using the form below.



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