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and help brighten the lives of homeless young people and make an impact with your company. 


Lighthouse Foundation creates mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations that share in our values and mission

We couldn't provide the necessary care and programs that we do at Lighthouse without the support and donations of our corporate partners. Their contributions allow us to continue to support our children and young people who have been impacted by abuse, trauma and neglect. We offer support to our corporate partnerships through a number of ways, such a employee engagement and we actively drive business opportunities. Above all else, their employees have an opportunity to feel more connected to their team, and part of an organisation that contributes to a meaningful and local cause. 


Partnership Program Perks

Apart from the incredible impact, you will make in helping youth homelessness in Australia by providing them a home, a family, and therapeutic care in order to break the cycle of homelessness, our Corporate Partnerships Program is designed to GIVE BACK to you, and your organisation, creating a long-term and fulfilling relationship for us both. 


All of our corporate partners receive:

Corporate Networking Social Event

An invitation to connect with us, and also meet some fellow Corporate Partners at our quarterly networking social events. Creating relationships and doing business with like-minded business owners is what makes our community unique. As a Corporate Partner you will receive an invitation to these events, and also have the option to host one at your premises on our behalf.


Corporate Impact Update Newsletter 

A quarterly newsletter created specifically for our Corporate Partners to distribute to your employees to track your impact. This newsletter includes updates from Lighthouse’s young people and our programs, along with updates from our Corporate Partners fundraising initiatives.


Annual Report

Each year we create a physical book outlining the impact donations have made to Lighthouse, along with real-life success stories of people you’ve helped within our homes, and an acknowledgment to the people and companies who made this possible. You will receive a physical copy of this book each year, and your company will be acknowledged for its support.


Based on your organisations annual donation, we are proud to be able to offer our corporate partners a variety of engagement opportunities:

Christmas Wishing Tree

The holidays are usually full of excitement and happiness, but for many of the young people at Lighthouse this time of year brings up a heady mix of emotions, as they are reminded of Christmas and holiday memories both happy and painful. A Christmas Wishing Tree will be given to your workplace to be placed in reception or communal area to raise awareness and gain assistance in sourcing gifts for our young people within the homes. Our annual collection of gifts for our young people is a great way to build community and giving at the end of the year. In December you will also be invited to our annual gift wrapping days held at our Youth Resource Centre in Richmond. A fun team-building activity, with carols and snacks provided.



Walk Letterbox Drop or House Gardening Engagement Activities

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and the youth within our Lighthouse homes are no different. We invite you to engage your team and be a part of our village! We have a variety of volunteer engagement needs at each of our homes located across Melbourne, from flyer letterbox drops to garden maintenance. Depending on your preferred location, and what is needed for each of our homes, there are opportunities to get hands-on and outside in the fresh air whilst connecting with teammates and giving back. We make these activities fun, engaging, and rewarding for your organisation, with an excellent sense of team accomplishment!



Website Listing & Lighthouse Logo use

We’d love to recognize our partnership more formally, and put your name up in the lights! (Well, Lighthouse lights at least!). We will list your company’s logo on our website alongside our other Supporting Partners and Major Partners. We will also provide you with a Lighthouse Foundation logo specifically created for our Corporate Partners to use as you choose on your website or email signatures. This is a great way to share your company’s support for Lighthouse with your clients and stakeholders also.



Lighthouse CEO or our Founder Talk

“Stories create community and enable us to see through the eyes of others, and open our world to ideas”. There’s no greater inspiration than hearing the journey and lessons of someone less fortunate in order to gain perspective and drive in our own lives. Our CEO or Founder would love to share enlightening and real-life stories with your organisation, or at an annual event in support of our collaboration as partners.



Workplace Culture & Leadership Workshop or Train for Change Outdoor Workout 

Struggling to stay connected and maintain organizational culture, trust, and relationships in a zoom-orientated world? This workshop is fun, educational, and interactive. Held at your work premise and is designed to build strong connections with teammates as well as harness team excellence. We facilitate a variety of activities which ultimately promote organisational culture, relationships, and shared work ethics within teams. Train For Change gives the opportunity for your company to improve the mental and physical health of your team. Held outdoors at a location of your choice, this cooperative session is planned to instill team-building qualities through partnered or grouped workouts. Each workout aims to challenge cognition and competitiveness through the various activities, helping to improve core principles of a synergistic SQUAD. 


Feed Our Family Cooking Workshop

Get out of the office and into the kitchen! This hands-on cooking workshop is held in a commercial kitchen preparing meals for both your team and the Lighthouse homes to enjoy. Cooking as part of a team stimulates creativity, laughter, and comradery when doing something together to help others in need. Including a Chef-led cooking class, fresh ingredients, recipe cards, and an opportunity to learn about food sustainability as well as the Lighthouse homes whilst cooking. After the workshop, you’ll enjoy a team lunch enjoying the food you have cooked, and the remainder of the meals will be packaged and delivered directly to our homes for the families to enjoy too!


Individual Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving is a simple way for employees and employers to regularly contribute to their community through automated payroll deductions, gaining immediate tax deduction benefits, and therefore no need to keep receipts and claim at a later date. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference. Workplace Giving is a surprisingly easy, automated, and convenient way to make tax-deductible donations to causes that you care about. Workplace giving initiatives supported by the organization is a great way to increase workplace morale, build on collaboration and empathy in the workplace, and achieve something together. Each employee receives a gold Lighthouse Keeper keyring to resemble their ongoing support.



Our Corporate Partnerships Program offerings: 

Contributing Partners 

  • Christmas Wishing Tree
  • Walk Letterbox Drop or House Gardening Engagement Activities
  • Individual Workplace Giving


Supporting Partners

  • Christmas Wishing Tree
  • Walk Letterbox Drop or House Gardening Engagement Activities
  • Website Listing & Lighthouse Logo use 
  • Lighthouse CEO or our Founder Talk
  • Workplace Culture & Leadership Workshop OR Train For Change Outdoor Workout 
  • Individual Workplace Giving 


Major Partners

  • Christmas Wishing Tree
  • Walk Letterbox Drop or House Gardening Engagement Activities
  • Website Listing & Lighthouse Logo use 
  • Lighthouse CEO or our Founder Talk
  • Workplace Culture & Leadership Workshop OR Train For Change Outdoor Workout 
  • Individual Workplace Giving 
  • Feed Our Family Cooking Workshop



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