It takes a community to Break The Pattern


We've been overwhelmed by the response of the community for our recent fundraising, #BREAKTHEPATTERN. Lighthouse was very fortunate to have both Ken Done and Cassie Byrnes provide us with the art in a pro-bono capacity to which we are so grateful. Our cherished partners, QMS Media and REA Group blew our socks off with the number of billboards and digital ads donated, which were big, bright, and beautiful. This gave Break The Pattern enormous reach and connected us with new people in the community. 


So far we've been able to raise a whopping $170,980, which absolutely warms our heart to see so many people rallying behind us to support our cause. 


We are also very fortunate to have the support of the wonderful agency, That Comms Co, who helped Break The Pattern get into an avenue of media that we had never achieved before. It has been a big week in the PR world for Lighthouse, having an article published in Fundraising & Philanthropy Magazine, that you can read here, and also being featured in The Design Files, which you can find here

It's been such an exhilarating couple of weeks at Lighthouse. We hope that everyone who has donated has swapped over their screensaver or backgrounds, and is proudly displaying them as a badge of honor. If your yet to make the swap there's still time, just head over the website and make a donation and get yours today. The campaign will be wrapping up at the end of July.