FGX Knows Which Charities to Back


If you haven’t read Future Generation’s latest article titled ‘Twice as Sweet’, then you definitely should. Their CEO, Louise Walsh, was interviewed on how the ASX-listed company keeps a close eye on the charities they support, making sure they don’t ‘slack off’ and can produce long-term positive outcomes. Last year, an external evaluator was called to closely check each charity’s performance, evaluating everything from finance and governance, to their return on investment. 


As one of the 20 or so charity bodies reviewed, we’re pleased to report that Lighthouse passed with flying colours, with each of our programs falling in to FGX’s key focus areas- youth at risk and youth mental health. Lighthouse is proud to be have been a part of this appraisal process, which Louise considers to be some of the best work they’ve undertaken in five years. We truly appreciate FGX’s continued support and ‘tough love’, which ensures Lighthouse’s sustainability and future for many years to come…because we wouldn’t do what we do, without them.


You can read the full article here:


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