The Art of Kindness


In a meaningful collaboration, Lighthouse partnered with talented Aussie artists to distribute FREE colouring pages for you and your family to enjoy.


These one-off illustrations were a labour of love and are free to download below. Their intricate patterns and designs make them an ideal stress-relief and mindfulness activity for all ages. We hope that they can take you back to the days of finger-paints and carefree playing with colour- when let’s face it, life seemed a little simpler.


At Lighthouse, colouring is just one of the many activities we do with our kids who need to start with play and art therapy to help them feel safe, particularly in times of uncertainty. As we sit beside guarded and withdrawn children, colouring together, we see them be able to relax, start to trust and eventually express their emotions.


Thank you again to each and every artist for getting involved in this project and helping us raise awareness for Lighthouse; 

Bianca Cash, Carla Adams, Cat Rabbit, Charlotte Alldis, Gemma Flack, Ghostpatrol, Helen McCullagh, Hilary Green, Indira Fernando, Jasmine Mansbridge, Krissy Agostini, Megan McKean, Pey Chi, Yippy Whippy, Beci Orpin,  Claire Johnson, Frances Cannon Laura Blythman, Martina Martian, Minna Gilligan, Nathan Nankervis and Taiki One.


Please remember to follow and tag both Lighthouse (@lighthousefoundation) and the artists on social media when sharing any of the works. 

We would appreciate everyone using the hashtag #Lighthousefoundation when sharing completed works across socials. 

Thank you for taking part in ‘The Art of Kindness’.


Download colouring pages below:

Art of Kindness blog image