Susan Barton AM ProBono's #Changemaker of the Week


We are proud as punch to see our very own Founder, Susan Barton AM, listed as Pro Bono Magazine's #Changemaker of the Week. 


'Bringing the community together to raise our kids' written by Maggie Coggan at Pro Bono, is an lovely interview with Sue which provides an insight into the Lighthouse Model of Care and how it's been effective for over 1000 who have been welcomed into our homes. Having worked tirelessly for over 30 years in creating a change for homeless young lives and making a lasting impact in the sector, we are delighted that Sue's big heart and meaningful values have been recognised and and celebrated. 


The interview also talks about her inspirations for founding Lighthouse and what led her to want to pursue this as her life mission. 


"The young people at Lighthouse are never far from my thoughts. My own life and the organisation are intertwined beautifully, there’s no beginning or end, it’s part of a big tapestry. I think that the quote, “it takes a whole village to raise a child” really is about my life. But, I do really love reading about entrepreneurs who think outside of the box, that’s really what inspires me to keep going."  


Read the article here: 

BTP Susan