Purchase one of your very own Ken Done and Cassie Byrnes #BREAKTHEPATTERN puzzles


In a meaningful collaboration that spans across Australia, Lighthouse Foundation has worked with iconic artists Ken Done and Cassie Byrnes to create a limited-edition puzzle. Lighthouse was lucky enough to secure Cassie Byrnes’ ‘Basalt’ print and Ken Done’s ‘Cobalt Reef’, to help spread awareness about youth homelessness. Produced by expert puzzle makers, Journey of Something, this deluxe two-for-one puzzle is a collectible for the ages.


This thoughtful present will be the ‘gift that keeps on giving’, with all proceeds helping to support kids impacted by abuse, neglect, and homelessness. It’s Lighthouse’s wish that every time someone looks at these patterned works in their home, they’re reminded of the positive impact they’ve made on vulnerable young lives by choosing a life-changing gift. Helping us to rebuild lives, piece by piece. 


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