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Bianca's Story

Imagine being 20-years-old, 38 weeks pregnant and homeless. It seems unimaginable that a young woman in Australia could find herself in such a vulnerable position, but that was true for Bianca.


After years of struggling with substance abuse, Bianca had completed a rehabilitation program to try and prepare herself for motherhood- but with nowhere to call home or social supports available to her, both of their futures were at serious risk.


Thankfully Bianca was referred to Lighthouse, and warmly welcomed into our young parents and babies’ program. It was tough at first, she admits, “learning to live with structure and allowing someone else to care for me was hard”, but for the first time, in a long time, she was safe.


Bianca slowly adapted to her new life at Lighthouse, and after giving birth to her baby boy, Kaylan, embraced the wraparound support provided by her carers and psychologists. Every single day, their thoughtful and predictable engagement with Bianca helped to repair her shattered worldview- proving that genuine, healthy and trustworthy relationships were possible.


After twelve months at Lighthouse, Bianca had developed a strong attachment with baby Kaylan and learnt the vital parenting skills needed to take care of him and most importantly, herself.  Having now left the program and transitioned into independent living, Bianca is hopeful for the future and has plans to complete her VCAL and enrol in a Bachelor of Nursing.


We couldn’t be more proud of this young Mum and what she has achieved over the past year. Little Kaylan is lucky to have such a strong role-model in his life, and both of them will always have a place to call home here at Lighthouse as a part of our ‘On For Life’ promise.


“I’m very proud of my story and am so grateful Lighthouse was there for us”.