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Become a Lighthouse Keeper

Our beloved Lighthouse Keepers are a very special group of supporters who give a donation every month which keeps the ‘lights burning brightly' in all our homes. 


Becoming a Lighthouse Keeper simply means an amount of your choosing is automatically deducted from your nominated bank account or credit card monthly and donated to Lighthouse. This regular, automatic donation is secure and can be changed, updated, paused, or canceled at any time. A receipt is sent for tax purposes at the end of each financial year. 


Whilst many of us are fortunate enough to have things like fresh groceries and electricity at the snap of our fingers, it is sometimes easy to take them for granted. Prior to our care, some of our young people did not know where their next meal was coming from or when it would come. By becoming a regular donor, you are ensuring there is consistency and stability in their life. You yourself will play an intrinsic part in providing a nurturing and safe place for our kids to grow.


The ongoing support from our Lighthouse Keepers enables us to plan ahead and continue the vital life-changing work we do every day. It ensures that we can be there for vulnerable children and young people for years to come in the future. 





Your monthly donation truly makes a difference:



monthly can provide young people with transport to and from education and employment



monthly can provide ongoing fresh groceries and laundry supplies



monthly can provide our young people with regular tailored therapeutic counselling



monthly can keep our family-style homes running by supplying electricity, gas, water and general maintenance for an entire Lighthouse household.




Click here to become a Lighthouse Keeper