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A puzzle by KEN DONE, Cassie Byrnes & Journey Of Something

In a meaningful collaboration that spans across Australia, Lighthouse has released a limited-edition puzzle with iconic artists, Ken Done & Cassie Byrnes.

Purchase your puzzle today by CLICKING HERE.

The best part? All proceeds raised will help support kids impacted by abuse, neglect and homelessness.

Lighthouse was lucky enough to secure Cassie Byrnes’ ‘Basalt’ print and Ken Done’s ‘Cobalt Reef’, to help spread awareness about youth homelessness. Produced by expert puzzle makers, Journey of Something, this deluxe two-for-one puzzle is a collectable for the ages. 

The graphic and patterned works, with their repeated shapes and strokes, provide something visually beautiful to look at, but they might also make you think about other patterns you see in the world. Maybe you think of the hexagons in a bee’s hive, or stripes at a zebra crossing?

At Lighthouse, we are reminded of our young people who have come from a long lineage of homelessness and abuse. It is our mission to give them the skills to leave their own positive mark on the world – to create a healthy pattern for them to pass on for generations to come. This is only possible with your support.

Each puzzle is 500 pieces and we hope that solving it with your family and friends strengthens connections and builds a sense of community, like we do here at Lighthouse. When completed, both artworks will look beautiful framed and displayed in the family home. 
This year, please consider choosing a life-changing gift. It’s our wish that each time you look at these works, you’re reminded of the positive impact you’re making on some very vulnerable young people, children and babies.

Purchase your puzzle today by CLICKING HERE.