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Youth Homlessness Matters Day 5 April 2017

Our Lighthouse community shouted loud and proud on Youth Homelessness Matters Day, Wednesday 5 April 2017.

We asked our social media followers to participate in a campaign aimed to raise awareness for the serious issue of youth homelessness.

We called for them to start a conversation and by sharing a photo of something that matters to them using the hashtags #44nomore #yhmd2017. Family was the common theme with photos of parents, siblings, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and friends shared far and wide.

What matters to you?

For many of our young people safety, trust and support matters most to them. Shockingly there are 44,000 homeless young people in our own backyard tonight.

It’s time to make a stand against youth homelessness and take action. You can still get involved by sharing your thoughts with us using hashtags #44nomore #yhmd2017.

On Youth Homelessness Matters Day and every day, youth homelessness matters to us.

Together, we can end youth homelessness in Australia.