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Media release- SBS’s ‘Filthy Rich and Homeless’

Lighthouse Foundation is desperately hoping that SBS’s new season of ‘Filthy Rich & Homeless’ will help save the charity from the financial hardships as a result of the COVID pandemic.

When the program first aired in 2017, Lighthouse saw a significant spike in volunteers and donations as the reality show triggered a national discussion on the homelessness crisis.

With many charities facing funding cuts, job losses and severe revenue losses currently and in the coming months, Lighthouse’s Founder, Susan Barton AM, believes that the reality series couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Filthy Rich & Homeless is what’s needed right now to get conversations started again and to inspire the community to get involved in a cause, like ours, one that truly matters. I’m hopeful that this will help us make it through to the other side… we’re fighting to keep our doors open because of the pandemic” said Susan.

Lighthouse Foundation is one of many organisations, privileged to work on the front line, tackling youth homelessness. Although it shouldn’t take a TV show to open the community’s eyes to this important issue, Lighthouse’s CEO, Simon Benjamin, believes that the raw reality of ‘Filthy Rich & Homeless’ sparks much more than awareness.

“As we saw back in 2017, the viewers aren’t just moved by what they’re seeing… they were inspired to help. It’s truly incredible that a TV show can have such a profound impact on its audience, inspiring them to want to be a part of something bigger themselves. The attention created could keep us afloat in this challenging time” said Simon.

Lighthouse Foundation is in the middle of their Winter Appeal which draws attention and raises funds for their homes and life-changing programs. They hope the momentum following the first episode of ‘Filthy Rich & Homeless’ on SBS next week will provide the charity and the kids in our care, the much-needed support that is so desperately needed again.

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