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“Maggie would always guard the door to keep me safe”

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These are the children that are in our care at Lighthouse every day. Alexis, is just one of these kids whose trauma prevented her from feeling safe in her own home.

“I would always dread going to the bathroom. After the first few times he hurt me, I stopped fighting back as I knew it would be over faster that way” 
Alexis, 17- Lighthouse young person.

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The next few months are often a very complex and challenging time of year for us. Sadly, it sparks the most unwanted and unnerving memories for vulnerable kids like Alexis.

This young girl suffered horrendous abuse from her father’s friend every time he visited over the holiday period.
Each year she was repeatedly molested while taking a shower. In fear of another hideous attack, she stopped bathing regularly and refused to enter the bathroom. She was left feeling ashamed, afraid and alone until she came to Lighthouse.

With the help of her dedicated Carer, Maggie, and Lighthouse’s experienced psychologists, Alexis was able to slowly muster the courage to shower again. Consistently Maggie was there, every night, which gave Alexis a sense of comfort knowing she was there to keep her safe.

Your donation helps us to ensure that someone like Maggie, and a team of experienced clinicians, are there to protect and support these kids every day.

Every dollar you give this holiday season helps us to provide safe homes, create positive memories and build hope for a brighter future for all our kids.

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