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Lighthearted April 2015

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Welcome to April’s newsletter

Welcome to the April edition of Lighthearted, which we will be sending out every other month from now on. To keep up to date with all things Lighthouse in between, check out our new blog, which we launched this week. The blog will be filled with information about what’s going on in the Lighthouse community, with links to interesting places around the web and contributions from our friends and partners as well.

You, our supporters, are an integral part of the work that we do at Lighthouse Foundation and I hope you will take the time to visit the blog and add your comments to the discussion.

In this edition of Lighthearted we are launching a fantastic animation, by the talented team at Creativa Videos, all about the Lighthouse Model of Care. This video is a really valuable insight into the trauma-informed care and therapeutic community that we offer homeless young people, and how this can help them to recover and start to rebuild their lives.

I’m very proud to share with you some heartfelt lyrics below, from a rap written by one of our young people and performed at the RDNS Where the Heart is Community Festival recently, at Edinburgh Gardens. It is also a pleasure to introduce you to Terri, one of our beloved Lighthouse Keepers–a very special group of supporters who give a donation every month. In the lead up to Youth Homelessness Matters Day on April 15th, Terri shares why youth homelessness matters to her. You can become a Lighthouse Keeper like Terri by signing up here

Together we can end youth homelessness.

Kane Bowden
Chief Executive Officer

Being free, being me

Rap lyrics handwrittenOne of our talented young people recently took the stage at the Where the Heart is community festival, an event put on every year by the Royal District Nursing Service for people who have experienced homelessness. She performed this rap as part of a set with her band, The City Sisters, made up of young people and carers from Hope Street youth refuge (where she had been before Lighthouse). Rapping since she was 12, she is now 19 and said that while it’s not too bad performing the uplifting songs in front of an audience, some of the deeper ones can be pretty hard.

Feeling bit better now turnin’ my life around
just needed a helping hand to get me out
off the street, and in a home got a bed now.
What is a home I didn’t know until I picked up the phone,
a stranger answered but I didn’t feel alone
put down the phone, in this dark room, I saw hope,
another thing I never knew, remember hope is inside
of you, listen to this sound for all the people
sleeping out, lost kids you can be found, this track’s for the Lighthouse.

Get togethers every week no need for drugs or
drink ’cause we laugh, talk about anything. And I sing
’cause I got this new thing, a family that don’t judge
where you been it’s all where you’re going and knowing
they’re here for me. I got my feet on the ground thanks
to Lighthouse, now, I don’t sleep around for drugs, no
more thugs, just love, weight’s lifted and I don’t crave
the junk.

Being free, being me, standing on home ground something
to call my hometown more than a roof over my head,
a place to rest, set goals and try my best to reach
happiness, being free being me, livin’ for the beat
walkin’ down the street dreaming of big things and
what tomorrow brings thank you Lighthouse for
letting me in.

Meet a Lighthouse Keeper

Lighthouse Keeper TerriWe love our Lighthouse Keepers! We recently caught up with Terri, from NSW, who has been a Lighthouse Keeper since 2009.

What do you do?
I work as an organisational development professional. This means I work as part of a team to support an organisation’s strategy implementation by aligning the leadership and culture to delivering on that strategy. It involves leadership program design, facilitation and coaching as well as running team strategic alignment workshops. In a nutshell, I’m a designer, facilitator and coach.

How did you find out about Lighthouse Foundation?
Through my long-time association with Insight Seminars. When I met Sue and Terrie Barton, I was inspired by their dedication to creating a safe, loving and growing space for homeless youth.

Why does youth homelessness matter to you?
The pre-adult years are so important in setting a person up for living a fully satisfying life. When someone has to focus so much on survival, there is no room for discovering the inner spark that leads to a passionately lived, fulfilling life. I want to help keep youth out of the hands of predators who would take advantage of them, using them for personal gain, destroying their hope and therefore their future.

When someone has to focus on survival, there is no room for discovering the inner spark that leads to a passionately lived, fulfilling life.

How can other people help end youth homelessness?
By donating on a regular basis.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I love your work Lighthouse.

Would you like to become a Lighthouse Keeper like Terri? Sign up here. Or you can give a one-off donation instead, if monthly giving isn’t right for you at the moment.

Watch our new video

We are excited to launch this animated video about the Lighthouse Model of Care, created in partnership with Creativa Videos and illustrated by one of our multi-talented carers.

The video explores the sad reality of youth homelessness in Australia, and the ways young people have been cared for over the years in the out of home care system, as well as the shift in thinking towards therapeutic care as best practice–which provides young people hope for a better future.

Please take the time to watch and share the video, and if you’d like to be part of our community,  give us a call to find out how you can get involved!


  • Colouring books (for any and all ages)
  • Single bed sheets
  • RACV driving lessons
  • Office chair
  • Toiletries: soap, bodywash, facewash, deoderant, haircare,
    hairbrushes, toothpaste,
    toothbrushes, towels, etc.

Please contact us at the Youth Administration and Resource Centre if you would like to donate items from our wishlist, call 9093 7500 or reply to this email.