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Investing in our kids

Take a look at our Financial Supporter Spotlight on Future Generation Investment Company (FGX) and the significant impact they have on Lighthouse’s sustainability and future.

FGX has risen rapidly since 2014 to be a major benefactor to Australian children and youth at risk. Lighthouse Foundation is proud to be the major recipient of this significant annual support, as selected by individual FGX shareholders.

Through FGX, a single ASX-listed investment vehicle, the company offers diverse exposure to Australian equities through a range of different investment styles and strategies employed by its fund managers. The highly regarded FGX fund managers forgo both management and performance fees, allowing FGX to donate 1% of its assets each year. Shareholders can also choose to donate their annual dividends to children and youth at risk charities including Lighthouse.

FGX is growing its contributions to homeless young people year by year and is an outstanding example of corporate social responsibility from the investment community. Together we can secure funding which helps to retain the key skilled Carers in our Lighthouse homes.



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