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A young mums Christmas wish

Cherrie Amity

“Finding out I was pregnant was such a shock.
I didn’t know how to look after myself, let alone a baby. I was scared. I had no one to ask for advice, no one to turn to. Thankfully Lighthouse was there.

This year is my third Christmas at Lighthouse. When I first moved in, I didn’t expect Christmas to be a happy time. I’d always remembered Christmas day ending up in tears or fighting.

These days, I look forward to Christmas day.
I try to make it a special time for my daughter Amity – a time she can look back on when she’s older and smile.

Not everyone at Lighthouse enjoys this time of year though. My Carers tell me that it can be a really difficult time in the homes. We all try to come together and look out for each other – it’s such a great community at Lighthouse. I’ve made a few good friends and learnt so much about myself and how to be a good mum.

My Carer’s support has meant the world to me. Having the other new mums in the home to learn along with has been really great too.

I’m so grateful for everything that Lighthouse has done for me. This Christmas I’m writing a special letter for Amity to look back on in her future, to share how much this place has meant to me.

Cherrie x