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A note from our Patron in Chief

Lighthouse Foundation Patron-in-Chief Judge Anthony Howard QC, spouse of the Governor of Victoria, has written the following note of reflection to the Lighthouse community. Judge Howard’s continued support and advocacy for our important work, and the work of many dedicated community organisations, is much admired by all of us at Lighthouse.

Judge Howard writes:

“I wanted just to write you a quick note to thank Lighthouse Foundation, your volunteers and your members for all the work you do to strengthen out Victorian community. 

Like many Victorians, I have been reflecting a great deal on the tragic events that occurred in the centre of Melbourne recently. 

All of us ache for those who were so needlessly lost and for those injured, both physically and emotionally. Our thoughts and prayers remain with their loved ones, their families, friends, colleagues and schoolmates, whose grief must feel unbearable. 

That terrible events did not take heed of gender, age, cultural background or religion. But neither did the response. Our entire community responded regardless of gender, age, cultural background or religion. 

Since that moment, the Victorian community has wrapped its collective arms around those who have been impacted. Strangers have offered support to strangers. In that support, people have shown the innate goodness that sits within our Victorian community and makes our community what it is.

As we prepare for Australia Day, I keep coming back to that goodness and how an event that has shown our vulnerability has also reflected the strength of our community and the decency and care we show to each other.  

And when I think of that decency and care, I think of how lucky we are to have so many community organisations that are vital in building that strength and sense of care fro each other and who magnify that decency. 

So, thank you. Thank you for everything that you and Lighthouse Foundation do to strengthen our community and to create the unity and the generosity of spirit that ensure the goodness of our community shines brightest, even on our darkest days. 

I would be grateful if you could please pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone at Lighthouse Foundation and my best wishes for the year ahead.”