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A letter from our Founder


Dear friends,

As 2019 draws to a close, I’d like to say a warm thank you to all our generous donors, volunteers and partners for your continuous support and commitment throughout the year. I’m writing this letter to see if you too can make a donation to support us. It brings me great joy to know that you keep our kids so close to your hearts.

As a community, we’ve been able to achieve so much together reflecting back on a year of continuous growth here at Lighthouse. For us this isn’t measured by a dollar amount, but the number of traumatised children’s lives we’ve been able to change thanks to your support.

Every single day, the kids in our care have been able to heal and reach milestones they otherwise never would have dreamed possible. For me, this is the real ‘season miracle’ as I see past Lighthouse kids like Kirstie now living the life they not only deserve, but have the basic right to as a human being.

Kirstie was only 14 years old when she first arrived at Lighthouse’s door step, heavily pregnant and with nowhere to call home. Her significant trauma background had led her down a destructive path of drug and alcohol abuse, causing her to have violent outbursts of rage and aggression. Slowly over time, Kirstie was able to address her trauma through intensive therapy with our psychologists and learnt to develop a safe and healthy attachment to her baby boy. Her Carer Megan was a constant support to her while at Lighthouse, acting as a positive-role model and helping her to eventually secure volunteer work at St Johns Ambulance Victoria.

Five years later, it warms my heart to say that as of June 2019 Kirstie is now officially a registered paramedic. Not only does she own her own home, but is in a happy and stable relationship. Considering her challenges, this seemed an impossible outcome for this young mum but together as a community, we were able to change not just the trajectory, but the quality of her life. 

In the New Year, we hope that you can walk alongside us once again as we extend our care to more children by embarking in a bold new venture into Foster Care. Every dollar you donate today will help us to care for more kids like Kirstie who are still out there, and desperately need our help. If you have a moment over the holiday break, please have a read on our website by clicking here and see how you can get involved as we launch this innovative new program, aimed at providing support for Foster Families in Northern Melbourne.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for caring for our kids as much as we do. I look forward to embarking on this new journey with you as we welcome many more little ones in to our care.

Until then, I wish you and your family a safe and peaceful holiday season.
With heart,

Susan Barton AM