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4UpDay 2019

We are so pleased to share with you all that on Monday the 24th of June, Lighthouse’s annual 4UpDay fundraiser was successfully able to raise over $1.226Million for our homeless and traumatized kids. This special day was made possible thanks to generous matchers and partners who from the very beginning promised to match every single donation x4 so that we could not only reach, but exceed our goal. Our target of $1Million was achieved in just nine hours, allowing us to open a bonus round raising an additional $200K. This is an extraordinary result and stands as a testimony to the support and generosity of the entire Lighthouse community, to whom we owe everything.  We truly can’t express how much of a difference this makes to charities like ours, with every cent going towards helping us care for more vulnerable young people, children and babies.

The African proverb: ‘It takes a whole village to raise a child sits at the heart of the Lighthouse philosophy and is the pinnacle of 4UpDay. Without the communities support, we would not have been able to achieve this goal or continue the ground-breaking work we do with our kids. This stems right down from our 4UpDay matchers, partners, long-term supporters, donors, fundraisers and dedicated volunteers. This year, we also were lucky enough to gain the support of REA Group, QMS Media, News Limited and Carsales.com.au who donated over $2Million worth of pro bono advertising to help us spread the word far and wide. The power of our community reaching out to their personal networks, business connections and influencers as well to create awareness on 4UpDay was unimaginable. Thank you to everyone who shared our cause, including major celebrities such as Scotty Cam, Tommy Little, Eddie McGuire, Chris Judd and DJ Havana Brown to name a few. All of your energy and efforts truly came alive here at our Youth Resource Centre on the day. Needless to say, fun was had and friends were also made leading up to the event at incredible community fundraising events such as RedZed‘s staff breakfast which raised over $19K alone.

4UpDay is all about the community working together, and setting an example to our young people. We truly believe that lasting healing and recovery happens within a community, and that when a child feels loved and worthy they have the ability to dream big like we have done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing in Lighthouse and being there for our kids. We have their backs, and you certainly had ours this 4UpDay.

Please take some time to visit our corporate matchers and supporters websites below to show your support in any way that you can. We deeply appreciate the support and commitment of these long standing Patrons, trusts, foundations and major supporters.

Vicki Vidor OAM

Vicki Standish AM

Reid Malley Foundation

Matt and Imogen Dalling

Victor Smorgon Charitable Fund
Jack Brockhoff Foundation
Bruce Parncutt AO
Anonymous donor

Herbalife Nutrition 
Restore Hope  
RedZed Lending  
Swimwear Galore    
REA Group 
QMS Media